#75 our story

Quique’s brother who lived in the USA returned and came by to see Quique. Quique came here at 3 months of age due to his mother dying in childbirth. He is now in college and has always lived in the house with Dottie and me.

I have enjoyed going back through the old monthly reports and sharing them with you.  I think that I enjoy it more than you do. Let me know if you have a memory or a photo that I can share.

Billy, Sebastian, Me & Josue

Dottie and I ministered at another church in Lake Atitlan and when we began to drive home she said she would drive so I could study for the evening service back in San Bartolome’. As we were coming out of the mountains a truck turned in front of us and we flipped, rolled and land upside down.

When I looked to see what had happened to Dottie she was not in the van. I climbed out the broken windshield and began to look for Dottie. She was back down the highway with tremendous back pain. A woman came by in a pickup truck so we broke a bench and made a stretcher.

We stopped at the hospital in Chimaltenango but they did not have any electricity. We took an ambulance and went to Guatemala City. They immediately took Dottie into the x-ray room.

Later they called me to ICU and I was able to see her. A nurse was in the room and she said, “Do you know that you do not have any pants on?” I looked down and I had pants but when I felt behind me there were no pants. Evidently when I crawled out of the window I had ripped my pants off.

I had helped put Dottie in that pickup with many onlookers; had gone into the hospital in Chimaltenango and then walked the halls of the hospital in the city. I did all this in front of who knows who and I had no pants on. The nurse got me a robe.