#74 Our story

Brandi left for home in Florida with a hurricane in her area.

The dollar has risen a little so that helps us.

AnnaLeigh in the middle helping our medical staff


Looking back over the years has been a blessing for me. I remember that in the 1996 I was asked to preach at a small church that we had built for a congregation across Lake Atitlan. The boat ride was rough as the weather was getting cold and windy.

When I arrived at the village I made my way to the church and I preached immediately and then an hour after I finished they asked if I would preach again. The church dedication lasted until 11pm. I slept in a room full of church members and had to get up at 4am to meet the boat at 5am. As I waited on the little dock it began to rain. The boat arrived after 6am and the route took us all the way around the lake.

I was soaking wet and getting colder as we made our journey. When I reached my destination and got in my car I was soaked and cold. It was difficult to drive the 2 hours back to Casa. I kept feeling faint. But I made it home.

Dottie immediately called someone at Medical Missions and they sent a doctor. I had full blown pneumonia. The church never invited me back.