#73 Our story

Sebastian’s birthday! It is difficult to believe that he is now 40 years old. We went to lunch.

Our marching band has been practicing for ours for the Independence Day parade.

An education group came and spoke with our children and teachers.

Bye Bye Brandi


In 1991 Dottie and I lived with the babies and the girls in a one-story house which today is Esperanza and is two stories for girls. We had built triple bunk beds and put them in the building used to dry pears. The top bunk put the noses of the boys within a foot of the ceiling.

I received a blessing from one of our board members in Ball, Louisiana when he called and said that he had raised money for us to build a small home for Dottie, me, our children and 22 little boys. That house today is the Genesis house which has been doubled in size and is the dialysis dorm.

One of the boys in the original group of children that we had in San Cristobal in 1990 was Ricardo. He was running after his sister, Veronica, and as she went through a gate she slammed it. It cut Ricardo’s finger off. We wrapped it with ice and sped to the city to a hospital where there was a specialist. When he heard it was a child in a home for children he did not bother to come look at Ricardo. He would later say that he did not think that a child in a home for children would be healthy enough to reattach a finger.

When he finally came into the emergency room he immediately began the procedure to get him into surgery and they were able to save Ricardo’s finger.