#71 our story

Esperanza Down, young teenage girls, had a special day because of those who sponsor their dorm. First, they each had $20 to spend on clothes or shoes. Then they were taken on a day out in Antigua where they ate in a restaurant.

The younger girls in Esperanza Up had their aerobics class.

Angie’s purse was stolen with her passport, driver’s license, etc.

I appreciate the interest shown to my updates and trust that more of you would send fotos or memories of your experiences at Casa.

Alex, dialysis, beating the drum

In 1995 I was on my way to court when I stopped at a little tienda (store) and bought a coke because it was so hot. When I turned around there was a policeman sweating profusely so I handed him my coke. He asked who I was and I told him about Casa.

A few months later he walked into my home with two little children and said “I have some children for your home”. I told him “Fine” but then he went outside and brought me 4 more. He had found the six of them in a park in an area where the trash was thrown.

The story was that their mother was dying of cancer and the father abandoned the children. So the 15 and 14-year-old girls worked in a Chinese restaurant for the food left over at the end of the day. When the mother died the father returned with a new wife and baby. He told the six children to leave the home. That is how they ended up in that city park.

It was the policeman who found them and remembered meeting me. The second girl would die at age 15 but had gotten saved two weeks before her death. One brother is a minister and another brother translates for missionaries.

So it was a simple coca cola on a hot day that God used to give us those children.