#70 our story

We have a real need in that we do not have any seamstresses who can help us make skirts for next year. If you think that you can help please tell me and I will have Dottie contact you.

Various people have sent me notes or photos to remind me of years past so I can share it with you on my nightly updates. Please try to remember a story or locate a photo that I can use. For many years people have asked me to write a book. This may be the closest I ever get to doing that.

Ezperanza dorm is taking all their girls to Antigua Saturdsy from 10 until 6. This is because of the folks who sponsor the dorm.

The dilysis children with music instruments

It is beyond comprehension that so much was done on the back property in such a short time. Two of our larger dorms, Buen Pastor and Vencedores, were built facing one another. They each can sleep over 60 boys. We also have one-half of a gym where the boys can play soccer, basketball and volleyball. It was built because of the rainy season here in Guatemala.

On one side of that property we have a very large school complex. The high school is 3 stories whereas the junior high is two stories and the elementary school is composed of ten large classrooms. Now the three storied building we refer to as the Anthony House sits on a corner of that property. It will be used for children suffering from renal failure who are sent to us by the courts.

The property on the opposite side of Vencedores is where we have all of our work shops as well as a small visitor’s house and also a large visitor’s dorm. The front property also has a large visitor’s dorm.

In front of the school there are transition dorms for male and female young people who are in college or working. We have a church on that side of the property.

Of course all of these buildings are just “things”. It is all about the children. All of the labor and money people have given is because those donors wanted to see children saved, educated and cared for.