The teams began cleaning up the fallen wall. The college boys helped also.

The New York team had a volleyball tournament for the girls followed by a soccer tournament for the boys.

We had a visit from Gethsemane Church in Miami, Florida who brought us soccer shoes and uniforms.

Cleaning up the fallen wall

I want to interrupt my story to share a thought or two with you. I am not using names of those who have been involved in this story because I will surely omit someone and I do not want to do that.

The other thought is that after 30 years of being in Guatemla and 75 years of life I may not get eery detail in chronological order. So bear with me as I continue to share this story to the best of my remembrance.

Attempting to remember every detail and story after all these years is a little daunting but I want you to get an idea of all that God has done over the years. He has taken two individuals who could not have beem more different. He took us from two different states, religions and circumstances and He weaved a story of His love.