The New York team took the university young people zip lining and then to a fancy restaurant.

Both Esperanza down and Estrellitas down performed a musical praise dance to the Lord. Both were excellent.

We dedicated Glenda’s baby, Isabella.

After service kids came up and handed me money sent from their sponsors to them. The kids wanted it to go to repairing the wall. It was a little over $100. I have the most thoughtful kids anywhere.


Dedication of baby Isabella daughter of Luis and Glenda. Delmy is on the end.

I do now know who reads my updates. Recently, I listed some of the children who were the first ones to Casa in 1989. Well, today Jonathan came to tell me that I had left him off the list. He did it in a humorous way.

First let me tell you about Jonathan. It was my first experience with abandonment. His father had received permission to bring Jonathan and his three brothers to court. Less than a week later he came back and took the youngest and the oldest of the three and left Jonathan here with us. It was devastating to Jonathan.

He acted out from that point on becoming like a class clown. He grew up here and eventually left. He is now 33 years old and he came to tell me that he is truly a Christian. This is why we can never give up one what we preach. It may be years later before the seed of the Word takes hold.

Today he is working at a decent job and putting himself through college. There are periods when I feel as though I have failed and then God sends me a message.

I am so proud of Jonathan.