#69 our story

Dottie and I went and purchased the items for the 4 weeks we will be gone. Gladys will stay in our house and help with Michelle.

The children in the dialysis unit (Casa Genesis) were given toy musical instruments and have been marching around the property with our psychologists beating the drums and blowing the horns with all of their might.

Thom sent a photo of Dottie and me 20 years ago

Casa has had so many large building projects over the years.  We had a small clinic on property for the children. Today we have a pediatrician, a part time dentist and four nurses. Although we still have to take children to the government hospital our clinic has cut that need down to 20% as the children can be treated here at Casa.

In recent years we have built a psychology building where we have two psychologists. One is a college professor. Both are Christians and have a heart for the children.

Over the years we have had so many traumatized children. Physically abused, emotionally abused, and sexually abused as well as many who were abandoned. I do believe that those who have suffered abandonment take longer to heal than the other types of abuses.

House parents have to aware of the deep hurt many children suffer. I had one of our male college students ask me, “Why didn’t my father want me? Why didn’t my mother love me”? That young man had come to Casa as a young boy. Yet, the pain of rejection and abandonment were overwhelming to him.