#68 Our story

Today was a special visiting day for parents. The rain came in torrents so everyone was in the blue building.

I studied and wrote updates.

Our chairman, Thom, sleeping in the tent with Carlos 20 years ago

Jorge’ attended the university in the evenings. He had a motorcycle. One night about 10pm I received a phone call. It was Jorge’ and he was crying. There was noise in the background and I could hear heavy blows being administered to Jorge’.

He had been kidnapped and the gang was demanding a ransom. I told them I did not have that kind of money. So since they were high on some drug they told me to bring what I had. Dottie was so scared that she begged me not to go.

I thought it was safer if I did not take any of our men to accompany me. I went to the address given but passed on by and parked two blocks away. Then I walked back down the middle of the road. A young lady came to meet me. I told her that I had to see Jorge’ before I would give money.

They brought Jorge’ out to me and we made the exchange. He had broken ribs and many bruises. They had taken his identification and told him if he said anything about their operation they would find and kill him.

We do not know exactly what happened but a few weeks later Jorge’ was run down in the street suffering fatal injuries.

Jorge’ was the first boy given to Dottie and me from the courts. My memories of Jorge’ are so clear that even today I think of him and remember what kind of young man he was. All the churches, Sunday school buildings and pastor’s homes