#66 our story

For the second time in 3 days there was a major accident in front of our house caused by someone making an illegal turn.

Mynor is taking a 2 week course on I.T.

There is a pastor & his family living in unbelievable conditions. For $5000 we can build him a house.See the photo!

The American women went to dinner to celebrate Cristine’s birthday.

Pastor’s home

God gave us an incredible board. In fact, after twenty years, some of the original board members are still on the board. They all have such a heart for Casa and the children.

When everything was growing so fast the board helped me stay focused. Today they all are still strong friends of Dottie and myself as well as Casa. You rarely see such a long commitment. They have helped me through the darkest hours as well as the joyful ones.

Our first chairman fell in love with Minor whom Dottie and I adopted. When he was brought to Casa he was 18 months old and we were told that he was severely retarded. He would lie on his back and rock back and forth. One of our teenage girls said to me, “Papi, can I have him?” I asked her what she meant by that.

Her answer was, “I just want to love him and help him”. So she took him to her dorm and three months later he was walking, talking and not rocking. He has graduated from high school and has finished all his work in college as a graphic designer. We are just awaiting his graduation. Now he is on staff at Casa as a computer technician. He has been a wonderful son.