#65 Our story

Franklin’s funeral was yesterday.

Today I had David Beam come & preach for me. I have known him for 28 years as he came in the year of the earthquake, married a Guatemalan and has been here ever since. He has traveled the world preaching the Gospel.

Gretchen left for the states today for 6 weeks.



With the thousands of children who have come to Casa over the years less than 30 have died. Two babies, different occasions, were left at our gate. The first had a cleft lip and was so ill that we brought her to the hospital where she died. The cause was kidney failure and shutdown. The second baby was left at our gate naked and with the umbilical cord still attached. We rushed him to the hospital where he survived 5 days.

What we learned from the first child was that the mother could not read. She was given a box of formula to be mixed with water. The box had a picture of a scoop and a baby bottle. So the mother was putting one scoop of formula into the bottle that starved her child. She did not realize it called for 8 scoops.

Older children have passed away also. Annie gave me a wooden football that she made in crafts class. She wrote LSU on it. The very next day she was killed in a car accident. Byron was a boy here who was one of the best children that we ever raised. He was 21 and in college. He complained of a migraine headache so he was taken to the hospital. It was a Saturday so the hospital told us to bring him back on Monday for an MRI. During the night he had an aneurism and passed away.

Byron operated our sound system and one of the worship songs he loved was “I see your glory shining” so every time I hear that song I think of him. He loved to help the visitors and was so loved by them.

Every funeral I performed just drained me of all my energy. I can remember each and every funeral. Losing a child is so difficult.