#64 our story

One of the boys who was raised at Casa and is now a grown man was shot to death. So senseless!

We are redoing the electricity in the Genesis house so the electricity was off on the entire property for a while.


When the blue building was built as a dining area and kitchen for the children we needed to purchase all of the kitchen equipment as well as tables and chairs for more than 300 children then. We did not have the money.

Now Dottie had a brother who was Colonel in the special forces and wounded in Viet Nam. He had returned to the states and lived in northwest Arkansas. When he read about what we needed he went to the local Rotary Club and presented the need.

The members of that Rotary Club were so moved by his passion that they would raise every penny of what we needed to have a commercial kitchen. But they went even further as when they heard of the new girl’s dorm they raised the money for all the beds, etc. Years later they would purchase computers for our high school.

Dottie’s brother died recently and his passion was just as strong when he was 80 years old as it was when he was younger. This is just an example of how people have been called to help Casa for a season. So many wonderful people in every walk of life have helped us.

In that same area a plumber was moved by the need and sent an entire container with plumbing supplies that lasted us for years. It is always encouraging to know that the Holy Spirit will move on the hearts of men and women for His glory. It has happened more times than I can remember so do not be offended if I omit you.