#63 our story

Today was another holiday so the children did not have school.

I spent most of the day going back & reading old notes so that I could write more updates. If you remember something send it to me via email.


Earlier Pastor David and Regina had come to Casa and became house parents. They would stay 17 years. They were from West Virginia and had been involved in missions in various nations worldwide.

They visited Casa and soon after that they said that God had called them to missions and they were looking at Haiti as well as some Asian nations. They were desirous of building an orphanage. He called one day to tell me that he had been praying and God had told him “Why reinvent the wheel. Mike and Dottie have a home for children already and they need help”.

So we were very excited as David had pastored and been involved with other churches and missions for years. When they arrived they became dorm parents for the older boys. That dorm, Buen Pastor, was still on the front property and today is Doncillas which is the dorm for the older girls.

It was an amazing time as God would soon send us two couples. One would care for the baby dorm and the other would care for Vencedores which is the dorm for the middle group of boys. The man in the baby dorm was also a construction genius. He would help coordinate with the Mississippian to build so many buildings. I knew nothing about construction so God sent men from all over the states to build Casa.