#62 our story

The hot water tank in the main kitchen broke down but the team here had plumbers so we were able to buy a new one & the installed it. God’s timing!

There was a wreck in front of our house as a pickup made an illegal turn and was hit by an 18 wheeler.


Getting back to our story. As we were building on the front property it was apparent we would need more land. If you have been to Casa you will remember that there is a two story building in front of the visitor’s dorm between the basketball court and the blue building.

We had to send our children to school in San Bartolome’ but it was obvious that it was getting more difficult every year. We had so many children walking to school that it was dangerous. So we built the two story building to use as a school meaning that we only had to send Junior High and Senior High children to San Bartolome’.

There were three large pieces of property available behind our property. We were able to buy a piece of property where we would then build our school. In time we would buy 7 more smaller pieces behind the school. Teams began to come to build the school.

One of the large pieces we purchased houses the work stations today. There is carpentry and welding areas as well as an electrical area and two large storage rooms.

Today that property house two visitor’s dorms and a home for Felipe who has been at Casa for many years. He and his family live on that property and Felipe is our main maintenance man.