61 our story

The Illinois team went on an outreach to install stoves and pass out food.

I have not been able to say this lately but yesterday we received 3 new children.

We received  word today that Mike and Amber are coming in December to take the dorm for Walt and Randi.


In these 29 years we have had so many staff members. The first two couples were from Kentucky and Oregon and both of them have very successful ministries here in Guatemala. Three other folks who were on staff here and have successful ministries came from Alabama, Oklahoma and Illinois.

But if you look at the list of dorm parents or others who worked at Casa you are looking at not only Kentucky, Oregon, Oklahoma, Illinois and Alabama but also Louisiana, California, Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, Washington, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Mississippi. I have probably omitted a state. We also had house parents from Canada.

God wants churches and ministries to have an outreach beyond the walls. He expects that Christians would be able to plant seeds that will grow outward. I cannot fathom where Casa would be if it had not been for the many stewards of His Word who came to make an impact on the lives of children.

I also believe that not only has Guatemala been impacted but the churches and individuals who had a hand in the ministry of Casa.

The states represented by sponsors over the years literally surpasses 40 states. When the government chose 48 children eligible for adoption the lives of those 48 children were forever impacted by the love and care of those adoptive parents.

It has been so many years of meeting people and working side by side to open the doors of heaven for the salvation of thousands of children. I thank you who visit, sponsor, pray or give financially. It truly has taken an army of loving people.