60 our story

Someone took me up on my offer and sent me three pages of remembrances. It will be a while but you will get to read those stories. I hope more of you could send me something that you remember.

The team worked on plumbing while the women helped Gladys and Dottie with separating clothes for Christmas.

Then the team took the girls in Donellas to MacDonalds.


The new motion light at the Antony House

I will never forget how God seemed to bring men and women from everywhere to minister to our children. Many pastors have shared our pulpit and preached to our children. The children still love it when pastors preach.

There was a team from a church in Escatawpa, Ms that came every year for over a decade. They would bring as many as 60 on their team and it was always a Vacation Bible School ministry. I cannot tell you how many children gave their lives to Jesus because of that group. In fact Angie who is still on staff here attended that church.

We have had teams from Texas and Alabama combine to do VBS for our children. One group would minister to the teens and the other would minister to the younger children.

One man and his family who have had a great impact on Casa is from Louisiana and attended my church when I was in Lake Charles. When we had about 10 teenage boys I needed to build a dorm and he wanted to build it. He and his wife were also the first people to sponsor a child. That child is now on staff here at Casa.

What he and I built was a dorm for 12 boys. My vision was not that large at all. My mind is not such that I can remember everyone or every event. But you know who you are and so does the Lord.