#59 our story

Susie, adopted, started college today. I am so proud and grateful to her adoptive parents.

This is short notice but Walt will be going to the states for a week on September 16thuntil the 23rd. We really need someone to come and watch his dorm. If you can get away for that week and help us it would be marvelous. There are only a dozen young boys to care for.

The men worked on plumbing & the women helped move all the Christmas clothes to one location.

I spoke to the visitors.


Susie- adopted-raised in the church- this is her first day of college


The people who have come over the years in many cases have moved on to help other ministries or are retired but one of the greatest move of the Spirit was when God brought us a group of welders and steel workers from north Alabama and southern Mississippi.

Along with men from Tennessee and Louisiana they put up the steel for the baby dorm and they built a water tower for our well. They also would construct a bridge from the back property to the front property. Many of those men came for years and from time to time some still drop by to either visit or help.

Our children would stay near those men because they just loved them so much. Most of those kids are now adults and many have left Casa but they will never forget those men.

One of the Louisiana Cajuns was praying for the day’s work and his prayer was for the Alabama team and their drawl. He said, “Father, thank you that we can work with these men who talk so funny”. Of course, the Cajun was far more difficult than the drawl.