#55 our story

Since I have a lot of problems remembering dates and projects I was wondering if any of you who have been associated with Casa over the years might remember a story I could share. Many of you have such a heart for Casa that goes back decades. If you have photos of the tents I would really appreciate that.

Carmella who had heart surgery 5 years ago called to tell us that she is doing well. Remember we diagnosed her with telemedicine!

Eddie came by to visit. He was raised at Casa and has been working at Walmart and has been able to build a two story home for he and his mother.

Eddie with Dottie and me

I remember calling the number that Debbie had given me. As you read yesterday the call was to a gentleman in Georgia. When the secretary put me through to him he answered with, “Is this the real Mike Clark”. I was startled and replied, “My name is Mike Clark but I do not know if I am the real Mike Clark”. It was from there that we began to talk about money and he asked what I needed.

Little did I realize that this would be a life changing telephone call. He offered to pay for the construction of our first school building. It was 8 rooms. He told me that he was at an age where he wanted to make a difference. I thought it was old. I suppose I thought he was about my age now.

A year or two later Dottie and I had taken 8 children to the USA. We were traveling around ministering in churches and Bubba was so ill with chicken pocs that we actually brought him to an emergency room in Shreveport. At first they thought he had hoof and mouth disease.

When we got to Hamburg, Arkansas we pulled up in front of the church and there was a tall gentleman there with two sons. I immediately knew that he was the man on the phone.

After church we drove back to the motel because the only place Bubba was comfortable was in air conditioning. The tall stranger accompanied us back to the motel and we had a few hours of discussion about my hopes and dreams.

Later he would be the first chairman of our board and is still on the board and has been a rock for us. God knows where to get the people He needs to do His work.