#54 our story

Mike and Amber spent time with Josue’ touring Casa and then Dottie and I shared with them our vision. They are from Fort Worth, Texas.

I spent a portion of my day writing updates concerning Dottie and my life stories. So many things have happened and much of it very quickly that I am having trouble remembering time lines as well as some of the hundreds of people who have helped Casa these last 29 years. I must admit that it has been a blessing trying to recall all that the Lord has done. As I have been writing I can see even clearer how much the Lord has blessed us.

Jessica provided pizza for the boys in Vencedores.


I thought you might enjoy another testimony of how God connected someone to Casa. The Tennessean I mentioned earlier is our Board Chairman now. Before him for many years was a Georgian turned Arkansan. Here is his story so I quote:

“One of my business partners was in that small group with Jim(Dottie’s brother) and my partner called me and told me you were driving these kids up and down a mountain in a pick up truck and Jim said these kids were going to die if we couldn’t raise money for a van for all of you. We had adopted Brad from Guatemala about 3 years before that and Mike B knew we would be interested in hearing about this because of our experience in Guatemal.”

“I had been there like you and had also seen the kids in the street like you, but felt OK about it because I was bringing one home with me. I had also been up and down to Antigua on a gravel road that was very dangerous so I had this mental picture of what it must look like with you with all the kids in the back of the pickup.”

“When my partner told me what was up, my wife and I joined in to help buy the van. I started getting your newsletter after that, and pretty soon made that call you remember. I asked, Is this the real Mike Cark?”

If you have a story as to how God got you to Casa please send it and I will use it.