#53 our story

One of our board members, Jessica, arrived for a few days. Also Mike & Amber Sims arrived as they have an interest in being dorm parents.

Kids dressed like farmers for Day of the Corn

A place to sleep was always a problem as we had no dormitories. In the midst of the first project, my house, and the second project, the dorm for the girls, other people were getting involved. The contractor from Mississippi met a contractor from Tennessee and they became strong friends. Here is the Tennessean’s own words.

“We ended up on a construction project together at Fort Campbell, Ky at the hospital. We never met personally but knew who each was and one day out of the blue he called me(first time we had ever spoken) and said that he was between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and that God had told him for a couple of weeks to call me and tell me about a home for kids he had stumbled across in Guatemala(first time I had ever heard that name). Three weeks later I met you and Dottie.”

Isn’t God awesome! There are so many stories of how various men and women heard about Casa. Only the Spirit of God could have put things together like that.

The Tennessee contractor was able to get two Korean war tents. Now we had better sleeping arrangements although when it rained the water flowed through the tents.

There are so many people from twenty years ago you say that sleeping in the tents was the best part of their trip.