#52 our story

Today is “Day of the Corn” in Guatemala. Every school celebrates with a festival. Corn to the Mayan is a sacred item. The children did very well with their presentations here at Casa.

Walt returned today & Kelly left yesterday after caring for the dorm in Walt & Randi’s absence.

Jose’ & Tatiana have put their wedding on hold. They are stilled engaged but feel as though it is not the right time.


Making corn tortillas


One Sunday afternoon a man entered my house and without introducing himself said, “I need to use your phone”. He made a phone call and simply gave his name followed by these words. “This is______and I want a water well dug at Casa Aleluya near San Lucas. So I need you to come here now.”

Thirty minutes later a man arrived who was the owner of the largest water well digging company in Guatemala. My visitor asked him how much a well would cost and I seem to remember it was about $30,000. My visitor said, “No, here is $20,000 so let us look where you can dig it.”

They chose a spot and my visitor said, “I want you to begin tomorrow”. They did!

The story was that this man from Oklahoma was called by a nurse from Dallas who had been to Casa along with a dentist. The dentist complained all week about the quality of the water which was actually coming from a ½ inch line from our village. We had to fill many containers after midnight to have water for the day.

The dentist complained so much that the nurse returned to Texas and called my visitor and told him about our problem. His father had been a missionary in Guatemala and dug wells so that is how he knew the owner of the well digging company and that is how we got our water well.