#51 our story

It was a very tranquil Sunday. The children played soccer as usual and hung out with their family members. Hillbilly and a few folks stopped by for a couple of days before going back to the states.



The Mississippian would build us a house. He actually sent a prefab two story home in 3 shipping containers. Along with the containers came 33 skilled men from Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. They literally built the home in 6 days. Working from early morning to late at night they were determined to give Dottie a finished product.

Something else happened on that trip as our children just loved the Americans and worked side-by-side with them. One night the construction team had a foot washing service where they washed the children’s feet and prayed for them. It was a wonderful time.

When the week was completed the men left for the airport but none of the children went to tell them good-bye. I was confused because I knew how much the team and the children loved each other. When I returned from the airport I gathered the children together and asked them why they did not tell the men goodbye.

Jorge said, “Papi, they are one-week missionaries and we will never see them again. One of the men on the tam was from New Orleans and he had told me he wanted to raise the money to build a dorm for the girls. A few months later 30 of the 33 men returned to build that dorm and when they entered the property Jorge saw them and said, “They do love us!”