#50 our story

One of the things that I do on Saturday is to take all of level 4 & 5 boys from Buen Pastor & Vencedores an to the front property where they can play soccer or just hang out. It is a reward for good behavior.

We do not have any teams here this week so everyone is taking a deep breath.It has been a good summer and I hope the teams enjoyed it.

This is the view from the school in order for you to understand where the wall fell.


We decided to build a small clinic on our property up near the road. It was in this period that I received a phone call from Mississippi and a gentleman said, “Are you a cult?” I assured him that I was a born again Christian. He had come to Guatemala years before as a college student and as he reflected on that trip as to all God had done he felt in his heart that God wanted him to help build an orphanage in Guatemala.

Years passed and he became a successful business man when he heard the voice of the Lord say, “What about Guatemala?” It startled him and as he pondered what he had heard a friend told him about a man in Guatemala who had a radio show in Louisiana. Through a series of tracking the radio station he located me and made the call.

What happened was a God thing that has affected Casa for decades. He asked if he and a friend could come and see our home. Of course we wanted help and when they came they had to stay in the little house Dottie and I lived in with all of the little boys.

After a long weekend he was ready to leave and he said to me, “I am going to build you and Dottie a home”. My thoughts were that he was just saying that in the emotions of the moment. He returned to Mississippi and a few weeks later he called me and gave me the dimensions of a concrete slab upon which to build the house.

I remember I looked at Dottie and told her, “Well, I will lay the slab and if he doesn’t build the house I can use the slab for a basketball course. What follows is the beginning of a vision that I never had but due to this man from Mississippi followed by hundreds of others during that time God would do more than I could ever ask of think.