#48 our story

You may remember that a government home for delinquents burned last year and killed a number of girls. The government has put a home here in San Bartolome’ for 30 girls. The residents of the village are never happy.

I had a visit by two of our girls who lived at Casa years ago. Miriam lives near here. Roxana lives in Xela and is doing well in college.


We never did see the owner of the property again and I am sure she passed on years ago.

There were no sewage lines so we had to dig holes 300 feet deep. It was amazing how quickly those holes would be filled and we had to dig another one. The guard that we had for our property came to tell me that there was digging going on across the highway. We live on the Pan American Highway.

I went across the highway and sure enough they were digging sewage lines. So I immediately went to the mayor of San Bartolome’ and asked if I could tie in to the sewage lines. He said, “No because we cannot cross the highway”. He smiled at me and said, “Now if you have $10,000 we can match it and put sewer lines behind your house”.

I was so disappointed and returned home. I did not have the money. There was a phone call and the caller said, “Mike, what do you need $10,000 for? I was praying and the Lord told me you needed it”. So I told him and he said, “Tell the mayor the money is coming”.

One of the conditions of installing a sewer line was the mayor wanted our boys to help dig it. That was no small task because at the start of the sewer line it had to be 20 feet deep. But we were so excited and relished the opportunity to have a sewer system.