#47 our story

Brandi will be leaving on September 4thand my heart is already broken. She has been such a blessing. Cristine will be taking over with the teams and groups. If you want to visit Casa the email is still casaaleluya@gmail.com. Please pray that we can make this a smooth transition. We are blessed for the new opportunities in Brandi’s life.

The team went to on an outreach to install stoves and water filters.

The laborers are down to the foundation and are having to break it up by hand. Three of our college boys who attend classes on Saturday asked if they could work as laborers during the week for pay. This will give them a little nest egg when the work is completed.

Laborers and you can see how much of the wall fell. You cannot even see the end


We had no dining area so we used picnic tables for the children to eat on. We had plastic sheeting strung up so they would be out of the rain. Everything we did at that time was outside. We ate outside, had church outside and played outside.

One Sunday a Mercedes drove up and out stepped the elderly lady from whom I had purchased the property. All of the 100 children were eating at those picnic tables. When she saw the children she leaned against the car and wept. She was so moved by what she was looking at.

Dottie and I took her into our house and served her some tea. I finally asked her, “Why did you sell us the property for $20,000 when you could have gotten so much more for it”. She smiled at me and said, “My daughters”. So I asked her what she meant by that.

Her response was, “The reason there was no bathroom or kitchen on this property was because my husband was the chancellor of the university. He loved camping so we bout 21 different pieces scattered around Guatemala. Each had a different fruit. Every Friday we would go to one of those locations and camp with out daughters.”

“My husband died 2 months before I met you and when I told my daughters there was someone who wanted to buy the property their answer was terrible”. My daughter said, “Please sell the land. We hated going camping with you and daddy and we do not want to fool with the properties when you die”.

She gave me a sly smile and said, “I sure did fool them. Their attitude cost them $45,000.”