#46 my story

The Maryland team actually began at 6am continuing the cleanup of the wall.

“All things work to the good”. Because of paper work we were unable to sell the flat bed truck. Now it is carrying away the debris. Praise God!

I worked on lessons.



Our population exploded after purchasing this land. We actually were blessed by the offering of one of our churches so were able to build a small home. It sat where the current dialysis house is and it had three rooms. We had 22 little boys living with us as well as our 5 children. We shared one bath.

It was then that we made a trip to the states and when we met our secretary in Houston she said that there was a man who wanted to speak with me. I had to go to Baton Rouge to see my brother who was very ill so I did not call the gentleman. When I got back to Lake Charles Debbie asked if I had made the phone call.

So I made the call. The gentleman who answered said, “How much money do you need?” It startled me so I said that I really did not need anything because everything was taken care of. So he asked me what the next project would be and I answered, “We need to build a school”.

He said, “I will send you what you need”. I was shocked. God truly was working through this man who had heard about Casa from Dottie’s brother, Jim, whom we just buried. It is amazing