#45 my story

It will take two to three months to clean out the fallen wall and rebuild the wall. We will need to hire 3 bricklayers and 4 helpers.

Sharon and Emanuel, seniors, have been accepted to do their internship in a local bank. These are the first students accepted there.

The Maryland team had crafts and dolls with the baby dorm and then jewelry & art with Esperanza & dialysis.

The cleanup

When we met with the owner of the property I had little Jorge’ to interpret for me. After some small talk I asked the owner how much she wanted for the property. She said, “$65,000” meaning that since I was an American I should pay more. I did not answer her so she asked me “Why do you want this property?”

Jorge answered, “We have over 30 children and the weather here is good. Papi does not want to live in the city”. She then looked at me and asked, “How much money do you have?” I told her $40,000 and she said, “Ok. I will sell it to you for $40,000.” I did not answer so she asked me, “What is wrong?”

I told her that the property did not have a bathroom or a kitchen and I would have to build those before we could move. She said, “How much will that cost?” and I answered, “Probably $20,000”. Her reply startled me as she said, “Ok, I will sell it to you for $20,000”. I tried to act sad again hoping that she would even go down more. But I could not think of anything.

We began immediately adding a bathroom and a kitchen as the clock was ticking. We had less than 60 days to move. But the Lord gave us favor and we were able to complete the job. We moved the last of our belongings during the evening of the 60thday. God was so good to us.