#44 my story

The New York team had a Carnival with 4 dorms following one another. Vencedores, Estrellitas, Cometas and Esperanza upstairs. Then in the evening they had a game night for the older girls and boys. They also awarded gifts to the winners of the tournaments yesterday.

A team from Maryland arrived so I gave my testimony to both teams.

It is a shame that we do not one of those very large teenage teams here to help us with the wall.

You can see that more of the wall is about to fall.

A soldier came to our home at the chicken ranch and said, ‘General Mont is trying to call you but the phone is not working”. I checked the phone and he was correct. In those days if your phone did not work you drove a pickup to the telphone office so that the technician could come to your home. He put his tools and ladder into the back of your truck.

On our way back to my house we were having small talk and he said, “I cannot believe how many times that I have had to come to your house because of your telephone”. My answer was, “Yes, but sadly this will be the last time. We have to move and we cannot find any place on the Pan American highway where there is room for 35 children. It looks like I am going to have to buy a home in Antigua and I do not want to do that.”

Immediately, he perked up and yelled “Pull over! This property is for sale”. There was no sign because if you put a “For sale” sign on something people know it is unguarded. I pulled over and looked through the gate at a narrow piece of property with a house without a kitchen or a bathroom. There was also a small structure where pears were stored. It was a pear orchard.

The guard came to the gate and we told him what we wanted. His name was Wicho and he has worked for me for 29 years. I asked about the property and was told it was owned by an elderly woman who wanted $60,000 for it. My friends had only raised $40,000 but I still asked Wicho if the woman would be willing to meet with me.

Little did I know that God had set this property between 14 other pieces of property that we would be able to purchase over the years.