#43 my story

We had a hard rain last night and over 200 feet of our wall fell. It will cost thousands so pray for a financial miracle. The rain was so hard that the blue building had 2 inches of water in it.

A census has begun in Guatemala.They came to Casa today.

To top off the day a truck pulled out in front of me and we had a major wreck in my old car.We were unhurt.

A team from New York arrived.

The wall



It was about this time that Dottieā€™s brother, Luke, came to visit us. Each day I would drive the mountain in a pickup truck filled with children that caused Luke great concern. When he returned to the states he called his brother, Jim, and told him that I was going to get all those children driving down the mountain.

Jim told his Sunday School class in Little Rock about me, his brother-in-law driving down the mountain and would probably kill a bunch of children. It was amazing how the word spread and soon there were folks wanting to help us with a van.

The money was raised and we soon had a safe vehicle to drive. Our life in Guatemala has always been one where God was faithful to meet our needs at the right time.

The home kept growing and soon 10 months had passed and we were told by the owner of the chicken ranch that he was raising the rent $500. I did not want to spend that money so I began looking for property. The ex-president of Guatemala, Rios Mont, even offered me the chance to buy his home. But the home was in a restricted area with little room for expansion.

I could not find a place to live and time was passing. I needed a miracle and God brought one when my telephone quit working.