#42 my story

We were so tired when we arrived home that we were asleep by the time our heads hit the pillow. This is unusual.

We unpacked and then I met with Josue’, Sebastian and Billy. I am getting use to my new role that I trust will be a sounding board for them as they make decisions.


Some of our soccer team with the trophies

The missionary we met had two sons who would become close friends to our son Chad and then with out oldest son, Tony, when he would move to Guatemala. This missionary would minister all over Guatemala and would become well known. There was even an article in Reader’s Digest on him. He would drown along with his youngest son.

We had one of the blessings that had been following us. Ricardo, age 3, was going through a gate when his sister clammed the gate cutting off one of his fingers. We put the finger in ice and raced to the city. At the hospital when they found out Ricardo was from a children’s home the nurse called the doctor who said, “We cannot save the finger”.

He did that because he thought that children in a children’s home would not be healthy enough to have a finger reattached. But when he eventually came to the ER he looked at Ricardo and said, “This child is healthy”. So he performed the surgery and the finger has grown normally.

I remember another incident with this family that still makes me smile. Ricardo’s brother, Manolo, stole from a little store. I called his mother she came to the house and called me a liar. She hit me and we wrestled to the ground. But soon she would become a dear friend. She still lives today although she is blind. She is the only mother that I ever had to wrestle with.