#40 my story

Our last day in Fayetteville. We drove out to the cemetery and then had lunch with Linda before packing up to leave early tomorrow.

Just two days ago I shared with you that a dear minister friend, Bill Hughes, passed away. This morning Jim Baker, a missionary to Mexico whom I spoke with last week also passed away. He had a wonderful ministry. He called me last week to ask if we could get together.

I am at the Dallas airport. I could not get on line last night.

The first day we moved into the mansion at the chicken ranch the children had a blast. They loved the huge rooms and there was land around us upon which they could make a soccer field which they promptly did. We all went to bed satisfied with where we were and with over 20 children we knew we were being led by the Lord.

But about10 pm there was a huge commotion outside. I went to the front door and upon opening it was met with a large number of armed rebels. They began to scream at me and wave their weapons in my face. I was so frightened because I could not understand what they were saying. Jorge, age 10, came out and began talking to them. In a matter of minutes they were calm and put down their weapons.

It seems like the owner of the property had so underpaid and over worked the indigenous peoples (Mayans) that this group of rebels had threatened his life. So he moved and rented the house to me. Jorge had literally protected us from harm. There would be two more instances where Jorge would intervene.