#36 my story

I cannot but think on the hundreds of supporters of Casa the last 29 years who are no longer with us. God has blessed us with so many lovers of Casa through the years.

Jim & Linda’s families began arriving. So we were able to visit with Dottie’s many kinfolk.


It was amazing how quickly the courts sent us children. The most amazing story of that era was a young girl, age 9, who had been living with her teenage sister because they believed their father was dead. The older girl was earning money from the men the younger girl was bringing to her.

One night the weather was so bad no men were available and the older sister blamed the younger sister so she physically attacked her. The child ended up in the hospital for a long period of time and then placed in a government home. I was called and told to go to that home.

The social worker called the girl into the room and asked her “Do you want to stay here; return to your sister or go with this man?” Without even looking up she pointed in my direction. She had no idea that I was a North American.

As we left the home I decided to drop by a mall and buy her some clothes. She never looked at me and simply tried on clothes until we had all she needed. I bought her a hamburger and she still never looked up.

Even when Dottie loved on her she was unresponsive. After a week of not talking she was coming down the steps for breakfast. In front of her was Jorge’ who walked to where I was sitting and kissed my cheek saying, “Buen Dia, Papi”. When the girl saw what he did she hesitated a little and then kissed my cheek and said “Buen dia”.

That girl grew up to be one of the most dedicated and helpful girls in the history of Casa. She even went to seminary and teaches the Word.

Later, after she was an adult, she would be reunited with her father who was not dead. So she had lived over 20 years before discovering that he was alive.