Dottie’s brother, Jim, died this morning. Pray that we can get tickets to Fayetteville because Linda wants me to do the service.

We dedicated Oscar VI’s son Michael.

The Alabama team provided VBS for the boys from Vencedores and Cometos and a second VBS for the younger girls. The Tennessee team had a soccer tournament followed by cupcakes for the older boys.


Marcos painted the logo on our wall

Years later after the experience with the paper work applying for a visa and seeing how the missionary in his rudeness had been rejected I wanted a visa for Gloria who was a young teenager given to us by the courts.

I took the paper work to immigration four months before the scheduled trip home. I went back in a month as I was told to do so by immigration. They said to me, “It is not ready”. I waited for another month and when I returned to immigration I was again told that it was not ready but that it should not be much longer.

The third time I went to immigration I took my Bible and when I was told that it should be any moment I simply sat and ready my Bible for a couple of hours. I went each day and everyday I was told that it should be soon. So I would sit for a couple of hours and read.

Finally, with two weeks to spare I walked in and they happily waved the passport with the visa. They were so tired of seeing me that they were as happy as I was.

On my ride home I finally let out my frustration at being treated as I was. I was thinking “revenge” when God spoke to me and said “Buy them cake!” This threw me for a loop and right when God spoke there was a bakery shop where I was driving. I bought 3 cakes and returned to immigration.

I walked to the three windows where I had had to wait for weeks and I gave each window a cake. The following year I wanted to take 7 children to the states so applied for visas 4 months in advance. I was told to come back in two weeks.

When I walked into the office expecting the run around they gleefully handed me the visas. I bought more cakes!