Alabama team arrived & has goodie bags for Vencedores tonight.  Tn #1 had s’mores for with Esperanza. Tn #2 had cupcakes and crafts with Doncillas. The teams painted.

I am already bored in retirement so I am attempting to write a book as so many people have asked me to.

Winners from Casa at the competition in San Bartolome


I had no idea what to do when I awaken the following day. Tanya was sick and we did not know anyone or anything about Guatemala City. I had met a few pastors when I went on that first mission trip. I remembered that one pastor had a church by the city dump.

The city dump was a massive, multi-acred land-fill near the center of the city. I drove around that neighborhood for a couple of hours until I saw the church. It actually was a commercial building with high walls which was the reason I could not easily recognize it as a church.

Our entire family went into the building and those church folks wondered who was this couple with all these little blond children. When I asked to speak to the pastor I was told that he was in the states. So I sort of poured out my heart to the congregation.

There was a widow there who had lost her husband a year before and through an interpreter she shared with us that she had two rooms on her roof where we were welcomed to stay. So we followed her to her home and the roof had two storage rooms and a small bathroom. There was not a kitchen and neither was there any hot water. Parking your car at night was an invitation for it to be stolen.

But we had a home and would soon meet a friend.