#30 my story

Today the elementary school had a basketball and soccer tournaments for both boys and girls.

One Tennessee team pizza, s’more & puppets & line dance for various dorms.

Some sort of line dance


When we arrived at Tapachula, Mexico which is near the Guatemalan border I dropped Dottie and the children at a hotel and I drove towards the border. I was not ready for what I saw. It seemed to be one thousand people trying to cross the border.

Suddenly fear overcame me. I began thinking, “Oh Lord what have I done?” I cannot tell you that I was filled with faith because in reality doubt and fear began to overcome me. So I said, “Lord I left my home, my ministry and part of my family and I only have $2000. What have I done?”

It was at that moment the Lord dropped the following into my heart. God said,”What you need, you have and what you do not have, you do not need”. It was one of those moments when the peace of God just settles upon someone.

The following morning we drove to the border and never have I had so much attention. There were so many people at the border offering to help for a price of course. I did not know how to play the game so I asked the most honest looking person I could find if they could help me.

The police told me we had to unpack the truck and open everything so they could look for contraband. The first policeman to approach the back of the truck was shocked and began laughing. Four little blond girls holding a puppy was staring back at the policeman. He called others over to the truck and after a good life they stamped our paperwork without us having to unload.

We drove into Guatemala City and looked for a motel. Tanya had a high fever and when we looked at the back of the truck she had been throwing up while we were driving.

We found a place to stay and I went to bed thinking that if anyone called from the USA and offered me a job I would turn around and go back home.