The Tennessee team painted and then served s’mores to three dorms. Another Tennessee team arrived.

Gretchen ministered to the older girls. Her lesson was on idols.

Dottie, sadly, had the boys cut back her boganvillas that had reached the top of the two story office building because the office needs painting.

Jerry & Johnny worked last night on welding the slides for the children. Johnny left this morning for Arkansas but he was determined to fix the slides.

The high school students had soccer & basketball tournaments in San Bartolome’.


Can you find the boys in the boganvilla?




Leaving our church and friends was so difficult. Most of the money we had raised came from the KAJN audience. Three churches in South Louisiana became another source of income. But after crossing the border and traveling through Mexico we realized just what we had done. I had more fear than faith.

I was going down the highway when a Mexican police car approached and made one of those movie-type u-turns at a high rate of speed. I was so apprehensive as he approached the truck. He began speaking Spanish in a high voice and I could not understand a word.

All of a sudden he stuck most of his body into my truck and grabbed the Spanish-English from the dashboard. He turned pages and angrily pointed at “Slow down”. I assure you that it had the right effect on me.

It seemed that each time we were stopped at either police or army checkpoints the results were the same. The men would walk and look into the back of the truck and see four little blond girls and smile and let us go.

Our first Mexican meal was an experience also. We ordered 7 meals and little did we know that as each meal was cooked it was served meaning that the first of us to get our meal sat there for an hour before the 7thmeal was served. So our education in Mexican and Central American culture had begun.

Then something happened that made us true south of the border folks. I ran over a speed bump and ripped the muffler. So for hundreds of miles we drove with the noise of that broken muffler.