#28 my story

Gretchen hosted a breakfast for Walt & Randi who will be leaving this weekend. Randi will remain in the states with her sons and Walt will return in a few weeks & remain until December 9th: Randi’s constant smile and enthusiasm will be so missed.

The Tennessee team took the baby dorm to a pizza place that has a great playground.

Would you believe that I fell down those stairs again? I suppose I need one of little chairs you sit in to go up & down the stairs.


Little ones playing at the pizza party

Following the events of that Sunday the Lord provided a high school principal, an elementary school principal and a pastor for our church. That same pastor is still at the church after 29 years.

Now it was time to move on to the new life the Lord had for us. We bought a book on Spanish but seemed unable to learn anything. We left for Guatemala and I still remember standing by the truck and saying, “Where do I go for Christmas?” It had never dawned on us how much our move would affect him. He was a student at LSU.

Would you believe we put 5 children and some luggage in the back of a Ford Ranger pick-up and drove from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Guatemala City? It took a few days and the experiences were mixed. Since I could not speak Spanish someone had me write “Yo no hablo espanol” which means “I do not speak Spanish”.

They told me to hand that card to policemen or soldiers or whomever tried to communicate with us. I was so scared that when we arrived at the border between Texas and Mexico we were told to all go in to check our passports. The man began speaking and I listened a minute or two then handed him the card.

He looked at me as though I was the biggest fool around and he spoke to me saying, “I am speaking English”. When people say that Dottie and I had great faith I remember that moment of great fear.