#27 my story

There was a devotional for our ladies with snacks hosted by the Arkansas team. The Tennessee and Arkansas teams went to a village and installed stoves and donated clothes. The Texas team worked on the electrical and hosted a sports day for the older boys. I spoke to the team members who have not heard my testimony.


Before we could consider moving to Guatemala there were obstacles to overcome. For instance, there was the radio show. When I called Brother Barry to tell him what I was thinking about doing and that I would have to cancel the show he disagreed.

He went on the air and told the listeners what I was doing and within a week there were gifts totaling enough to stay on the air for two years. And in all these nearly 40 years we have stayed on the air by the generosity of the KAJN listeners.

But there was more. We had a small home for children with 12 babies; we had an elementary school as well as a high school that was 10 miles apart and then of course I was also the pastor. We needed to fill all of those positions. Dottie and I decided we would not tell the church anything and just allow the Lord to fill those positions.

The very first Sunday there was a couple sitting on the front row. He had his head down the entire service. When I finished I went and met them. His wife told me that they had been missionaries to the American Indians when he had a triple by-pass. The denomination removed them from the mission field and that is why he was so sad in my church. I thought it was my preaching.

For some reason I asked him if he could do anything what would he want to do. He looked up immediately and said, “I want a home for children”. We walked over to where the babies were and they became the directors that very day.