#26 my story

Pastor Johnny from Arkansas shared our pulpit and taught the children about salvation.

The Texas team had vrafts and pizza with 4 dorms. The Arkansas team had a movie and popcorn with the older children. There is a Tennessee team that arrived Friday.


The little ones giving Dottie roses and me a gift


The last morning before we left I walked the streets knowing that I would not see those children again. I cried so hard I had to go back to the hotel before I got lost. I got lost anyway and a policeman helped me to the hotel.

I stood outside and wept against the wall. I still remember what I said. “Lord, I do not want to return to Louisiana. I want to do something for the children on the street but I do not have any money; I cannot speak Spanish; I cannot write Spanish; I do not have property; I do not have buildings; I only have a 30 day visa and I cannot legally have a ministry here in Guatemala.”

God answered me with “I do not need money; I do not need Spanish; I do not need land; I do not need buildings. I just need someone to love them.” Here I was 45 years old and thinking about moving 5 of my 6 children to Guatemala knowing little about the country and nothing about the government and how it operated.

We flew to Houston and Dottie picked me up at the airport and immediately asked, “How was it?” I began crying almost uncontrollably. She looked at me for a moment and then said, “When are we moving to Guatemala?” Dottie realized that only God could make me cry like that.

There were obstacles we had to overcome.