#25 my story

The Texas team had a carnival day for every dorm. The Arkansas team in addition to their jobs today of replacing swings on the playground had a men’s ministry meeting for all of guys. Doug gave a great lesson. The NC team had a talent show contest.Busy day!


Tony drew me a multi-colored tiger



In 1981 I received a phone call from a missionary/evangelist who went to Africa every year for three months. He requested that I take a three month trip to Africa with him. My response was “I do not have a burden for Africa. What does it cost?” When he told me the cost I was shocked so I told him our church would send the money for him to take another pastor who possibly could not afford the trip.

He called me again in 1982, 83, 84, 85, 86 and 87. I told him “no” each time but then he called me in 1988 and said “Mike, I want you to go with me to Guatemala.” I hesitated and he went on to say, “We will leave Sunday night from Houston and return Saturday so you will not miss one Sunday morning in the pulpit.

When he told me how much it would cost I thought “Now this is a CHEAP way to get him to leave me alone about missions”. So I came to Guatemala in 1988 with a team of pastors and a friend from my church.  That Monday morning  I got up before daylight and walked across the street where there was an awning because it was raining lightly.

When I crossed the street I bumped into something. I had to wait until my eyes adjusted to the dim light and as they did I could see I was bumping into a pile of children. It was damp and cold and the children did not have jackets and were actually piling on one another to stay warm.

Soon I was crying and my heart was being tugged to the streets of children whom I knew would awaken to no food and no hugs. They would be hungry all day as begging was difficult with that many children.

My mind was consumed with those children even though we as a team were doing various jobs and projects all week. But a tug was coming!