#24 my story

I did not realize just how tired I was. It has been a pressure filled week so we did very little today. Dottie got a pedicure and I read.

The teams built miniature kitchens for the little girls to play with.

The Arkansas team is preparing dinner for all of the dorm parents.

The NC team had a soccer tournament with the older boys. Soda and doughnuts.


75 year old cake


Dottie and I now had 6 children. We built a school called Alleluya Acres Academy and a church called Alleluya Acres. I wanted so much to tell God every time I prayed or spoke those words I was giving Him praise and claiming land for the ministry.

When I first got on the radio I taught almost exclusively about faith. There was very little response. People just were not interested in my teaching so I told the owner of the station that I was going off the air. Brother Barry sad, “People are not listening to you because you should be teaching on the family. So I did as he suggested and the response has been good for nearly 40 years.

One reason my lessons on family touched lives is because I shared about how Dottie had buried 3 children & never questioned God or felt sorry for herself. So most of the letters & calls we received were from women who had lost children. Some had blamed God and quit going to church. Others were so depressed that they needed medication. Some were so angry that they blamed God and divorced their husbands.

Our 12 years in Lake Charles, 1977 until 1989, were some of the most wonderful years of our lives. We could have stayed there for many more years but God had a different direction for us to take.