#22 my story

We were taken to breakfast and then to lunch where we were presented with a beautiful hollow cross that had 5800 pebbles representing the number of children who have come to Casa.

We began the transition service with our board chairman, Thom Spignor who gave a charge to Josue’. Then I spoke and we followed by praying for Josue’, Billy & Sebastian together.

The children had a surprise birthday party for me. This was a day I will never forget.

Me, Dottie and Josue’. Notice the cross in the background.

After adopting Elizabeth Dottie and I wanted to have more children. We had adopted Tony, Chad and Elizabeth but felt there were more children the Lord wanted for us.

I was praying and I felt strongly that the Lord was giving me the word “orphanage”. I began praying in that direction and one day I was u on my roof changing tiles when Dottie ran out into the yard and yelled up to me that there was a man on the phone with orphans.

My first thought was that we did not have an orphanage. We had no buildings or provisions for orphans. What God spoke to me again was a life changing moment in my life.

He said, “Orphanages are not land and buildings. Orphanages are orphans!” I came down off the roof and the gentleman on the phone was from Florida and his story was something only God could do.

He was driving down I-10 and listening to KAJN when he heard me say that God had laid it on my heart to have an orphanage. He told me, “I thought that was nice. When I arrived home to South Florida there were three abandoned girls at his church. The government wanted to split them up and I thought that was not fair.” He then remembered what he heard on the radio driving from Houston to Tampa.

It was then that he called and said, “I have three orphans for your orphanage”. When I was at a loss for words that was when God said, “Orphanages are orphans”.