#21 my story

My last day! Josue and I went to the city to do some business.

One team prayed for every house and office on the property. The laundry room in the baby dorm got painted. Johnny installed lights by the boy’s dorms. Some of the women cleaned Casa de Anthony. The Arkansas team sorted things in the Christmas bodega. The Louisiana team went on an outreach with Adam.

Of course more computers were installed in the office.

Pizza party for the older girls.

Mynor and Lily with her new computer


Dottie and I decided to move to Lake Charles so we could minister more intimately with the folks there.

It did not take long for us to rent a store front and lay the basis for a church. I wanted to confess for land every time I said the name of the church so we called it Alleluya Acres. Eventually we saved enough money to purchase about 5 acres where we built a church and a Christian school. Until that time I helped Glad Tidings Assembly with their Christian school until ours was ready.

When we arrived in Lake Charles we also began the long run on KAJN radio in Crowley. I still have a daily program each morning after nearly 40 years. Lake Charles was a haven to us. There were so many young couples that came to our services and so there was a tremendous amount of fellowship.

It seemed as though we were engaged in activities nearly everyday. Once we purchased the property we began constructing a church building. Both the men and the women had a hand in the construction. Kenny had gotten saved at the church and as a contractor he guided the construction of the buildings. There was a small house on the property which was sufficient for us and now our three children.

But our family was about to grow dramatically due to two instances. A young lady with an 18 month old daughter came to our church. One night after the services we were leaving the church when a car screeched into the driveway. The mother had grabbed her daughter to keep her from falling and hit her head. The child was knocked out and the mother thought that she was dead.

The mother asked if we would adopt the baby and in time we did. But the most amazing story of our next three adopted children was about to happen.