We have many visitors right now but there is much to keep them busy. Tonight the Woodlands women will host a “Getting to know you” time with the older girls from Doncillas and the university girls.

Brandi and Gretchen are working with Cristina so they can all be ready for the upcoming changes.

We dedicated Esvin and Flor’s baby son, Danny.

Baby dedication of Danny


Near my hometown of Bunkie, Louisiana there was a small community on a bayou called Centerville. It was composed totally of country folks. Following my first sermon there I learned still another lesson.

I preached and 7 teenagers came forth for salvation. The congregation was less than 100 so I was thrilled. My enthusiasm was such that an elderly lady walked to the front and whispered into my ear “Do not think so highly of yourself. The previous pastor preached to this congregation for years. He did the planting, you watered but God gave the increase.”

So it quickly became apparent to me that I was no hot shot preacher. The salary was $300 because that was what the deacons said was in the budget. So I became a substitute school bus driver and substitute school teacher.

The very first day I substituted was in a 4thgrade class. A student walked into the class and he had no arms whatsoever. I felt this feeling of sorrow and wonder as to how I could teach him. But when I told the children to remove their math book from under their seats I walked back there to help him. He used his feet and the book was on his desk as quickly as the other children.

When I asked the children to work a problem on the blackboard he simply took the chalk between his toes, threw his leg up there and wrote on the board. At recess the kids chose teams and he was the pitcher. He would roll the softball onto his foot and pitch. If the ball was hot to him he simply soccer kicked it to first base.

After school I found his mother and said, “Your son is incredible”. She gave me a stern stare and said “Why? He is normal.” It was at that moment that I realized they had raised him as though he had two arms. I am certain that he was successful in whatever area he chose for his life.