#18 my story

We tried to make today a time the visitors could play with the children.

Our board chairman, Thom, arrived. He brought a number of computers that will replace all the computers in the offices.


After burying Jamie I began to think about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I loved working with mentally challenged children but I felt that there was something else the Lord wanted me to do. The answer came out of the blue.

I received a phone call from the state director of special education who offered me and unbelievable opportunity. Louisiana had received a grant to build a new institution from the ground up including a home from the person chosen. My heart leaped in my chest as having my on institution was a dream since college. So I knew with my new feelings that there was no way that I could accept the offer.

I drove home and spoke with Dottie and then I resigned my position at Pinecrest. When our church heard that I had resigned they called and offered me the position of Youth Director at Horseshoe Drive Baptist. Since I had never gone to seminary I knew I could not preach and since I had a terrible voice I knew that I could not be a choir leader. To me it seemed that my only option was youth director. Evangelist or missionary were not even a thought.

So I joined the staff and began working with the youth. In spite of my ignorance God honored my efforts and our youth group became very large.

After a couple of years God moved us to the next stage of our lives.