#17 my story

Duke is making metal bars around our butane tanks.

Tonight we have a large team from The Woodlands, Tx team arrived and the North Carolina team 6 hours earlier.

It has been raining off and on all day so the outside painting projects are going very slow.

We had our staff worship and Josue’, Estella’s husband, brought the message & Ezdras(Vencedores’ dorm) led the worship.


The child in that bed became my daily visit. His name was Jamie and we played the finger game everyday and I kissed his little cheek each time.

But after 30 days I walked over to the hospital to see Jamie and all the staff was waiting for me. I knew he was dead. I said, “Jamie is dead isn’t he?” They nodded and I asked “What have you done with him?” They answered that by law they had to call his parents. When I asked what they said the answer was “We do not care. Throw him in the trash if you want to”.

“Where is he” I asked. The doctor said that he was in the bed because they knew that I would want him. I went to the bed and picked up his little hand and wrapped it around my finger. I moved it back and forth then leaned over to kiss him.

I went to the carpenter’s shop and asked one of the carpenters to help me build a box that Jamie could fit into because there wasn’t a coffin that he would have fit in. Dottie and I buried him on a misty day. Before lowering him into the grave I knelt next to the box and kissed the area where I thought his little cheek would be.

I said, “Jamie, this is the first time that you can see me and this is the first time that you can hear me. When I get to heaven I am going to ask where is your mansion because you have forever changed my life”.

Little did I know just how large a change was coming!