#16 my story

Bob’s brother passed away so Bob will travel to Iowa to be with his family for a week. The funeral is next Thursday.

The automobile license bureau made a mistake on last week’s paper work so Alex & I had to repeat the process.

The Louisiana team is installing shelves in Casa Anthony.

Emma with Estella

After letting the hydrocephalic child play with my finger I leaned over and kissed his little cheek. Immediately I went to my office and laid on the floor spread-eagle. I began with my fingers and said, “I thank you that I can wiggle my fingers. I thank you I can grasp with my hands. I thank you that I can bend my wrist and bend my elbow.”  I went through everything from those fingers to my heart, spleen and anything else that I could think of concerning my body.

I thanked God that I could see because I was always unhappy that I had to wear glasses even in football games. I thanked him that I was 5 foot 7 inches tall because I was always sad that I was so short. I thanked him that I was made in His image. It was then the first time I ever stood and raised my hands to heaven and said, “Lord, I am so blessed”.

I went immediately to the office to see where that child had come from because I did not know him. The admissions director had already heard about me holding that child’s finger and kissing his cheek. She said, “Mike, I do not understand how he got here. He is from Wisconsin and has been in the same institution there for 19 years.

I knew it was God! I ran back to his bed and gave him my finger to play with and he became a minister to me.