#15 My story

The dialysis children and their workers wanted to go see the new building. I am not sure I have ever seen children so happy.

Walt left this morning for N. Carolina and his grandfather’s funeral.

Teams began arriving: Farrell’s family, Estela’s family as well as Cristine who is joining our staff. But we still need house parents.



Yesterday I shared with you that I was depressed about having to jump many parents in order to put twins born to a large political donor. They had the money to put their children in a private institution.

I was angry that the ward for small children in cribs had an adult bed in it. I said ,“Get me the janitor because that bed should not be in this room. A nurse walked up to me and said “Dr. Clark before I get the janitor would you walk back there?”

As I approached the bed I realized there was a child in the bed who was hydrocephalic and his head was the largest I had ever seen. His arms and legs were a little longer that a baby doll. Of course he could not see, hear or talk. My anger subsided and I laid my hand on his chest. Immediately he grabbed my thumb and began to move his arms and legs as fast as he could.

I had never heard God speak to me directly but suddenly this voice said, “I have made all things beautiful in their time”. I wanted to say, “Lord, if someone came in here who did not love mentally retarded children this would not be beautiful.” But before I could say that God spoke again and said “Mike, he is happier than you are.”

I had such a great life, family, church and job but I knew those words were true. The phone calls had stolen my joy. I played with his little hand and then leaned over and kissed his little cheek. What God did next will be difficult to explain.