#12 My story

Walt and the twelve little boys in his dorm sang in church today in English. They did well.

This is the beginning of the month so I am reminding you to pray that God will send us more dorm parents.


Dottie, Billy and Sofia playing with the Dobermans

The doctors had given our baby, Misty, three months to live. A month had already passed when we drove to Gainesville, Fl. When we arrived we went into Dr. Cunningham’s office and he immediately stood up and asked us to follow him. I thought he was going to take us to housing.

We followed him down the corridors and then suddenly he walked off campus. There was a hospital called Shands Hospital and he introduced us to a physician. Over the next two years the University of Florida and Shands hospital cared for our daughter as an outpatient and never asked for a dime. Misty would live to be nearly 10 years old.

When I graduated from UF I went to find Dr. Cunningham and I said, “Before I return to Louisiana I need you to tell me why God told you to give me a scholarship(remember he pointed the cigar towards heaven) because although I graduated I was not that good a student.” He laughed and responded, “Mike, God did not tell me to give you a scholarship. He said “you had a sick child that we could do something about but if I would have told you about the hospital you never would have come to Florida. I had to offer you something that Dottie would want for you.”