#12 My story

Walt and the twelve little boys in his dorm sang in church today in English. They did well.

This is the beginning of the month so I am reminding you to pray that God will send us more dorm parents.

[caption id="attachment_18917" align="alignnone" width="225"] Dottie, Billy and Sofia playing with the Dobermans[/caption]

The doctors had given our baby, Misty, three months to live. A month had already passed when we drove to Gainesville, Fl. When we arrived we went into Dr. Cunningham’s office and he immediately stood up and asked us to follow him. I thought he was going to take us to housing.

We followed him down the corridors and then suddenly he walked off campus. There was a hospital called Shands Hospital and he introduced us to a physician. Over the next two years the University of Florida and Shands hospital cared for our daughter as an outpatient and never asked for a dime. Misty would live to be nearly 10 years old.

When I graduated from UF I went to find Dr. Cunningham and I said, “Before I return to Louisiana I need you to tell me why God told you to give me a scholarship(remember he pointed the cigar towards heaven) because although I graduated I was not that good a student.” He laughed and responded, “Mike, God did not tell me to give you a scholarship. He said “you had a sick child that we could do something about but if I would have told you about the hospital you never would have come to Florida. I had to offer you something that Dottie would want for you.”