Wasting your life

A Korean team visited & I spent time with them. They are Christians & are having a medical outreach.

I gave my testimony to the Kentucky and Tennessee teams.

Dottie and I received the kindest letter from the pastor of the very first church we built in Guatemala and he told us of how many were saved over the years and what happened to individual members. It was such an uplifting letter and as they say “I needed that”.


Do I have to clean up my act to become a Christian? Well, if you mean doing something on my own to be good enough then the answer is “No”. There isn’t anything that I can do to merit me good enough for God.

When Jesus was on the cross He hung between two thieves. One insulted Jesus while the other simply confessed Christ as Lord by saying “Remember me when you come into your kingdom”. He had no time to change his behavior. He had no time to join a church or get water baptized. I am sure that as a thief he had harmed many people yet he had no opportunity to tell them that he was sorry and make amends for what he had stolen.

But, there on the cross, he had the opportunity to take responsibility for his actions. He recognized Who Jesus was and he bowed his will to the will of God. Jesus accepted him immediately. Just as Jesus received the thief He received me before I “cleaned up my act”. “Just as I am” was how Christ accepted me.

The thief wasted his life but his faith brought him eternity. What about you?